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Sophie knight is a surrey based artist; Trained in Fine art and graduated with a first from Croydon School of art. Her work takes on a variety of subject matters; In the past she has taken inspiration from the political undertones of youth subcultures and pop art but also enjoys exploring animal forms and silhouettes. However it is mostly her obsession with colour that drives her artistic passion. Much of her resent work explores vibrant colour and patterns, working in a variety of mixed mediums. Her current work is much more about experimentation with these materials than of a set subject matter.

Exhibitions and projects

Pebeo Mixed media Exhibition 2018.The Menier gallery, London 26th-29th June 2018

The Otter Wey trail 2018 Pullingers Art Shop (Farnham) May- July 2018. Created and decorated a 1 meter tall model otter for art Community trail.

Free Range Exhibition (School of art show) Brick Lane. July 2016

Pebeo Mixed media Exhibition 2016 A&D Gallery, London. 7th – 11th June 2016

Degree Show BA(Hons) Fine art  EPILOGUE Croydon School of Art.

2nd year BA(Hons) Fine art  70x70 R.K.Burt Gallery, London. 21st-30th May 2013

1st year BA(Hons) Fine art Deadlines Exposed University Center Croydon. May 2012

Lunch Art Half and Half lounge Bar, Croydon. November 2012

The Forgotten Festival – London fields Brewery, Hackney - September 2012

Student Summer Exhibition Royal Academy of Art. 2009 (Chosen by Gillian Wearing)

Europa Gallery, Festival of youth art exhibition by the Sutton art council - 2009

Take Part, Take Pride’ - Community art project - Painting for citizens advice bureau Sutton. - 2009